Custom Home Theater / Media Rooms

The future is here and it is exquisite. From 4K HDR Ultra High Definition Video to the amazing Dolby Atmos Sound processing you can experience Movies like never before, and all in the comfort of your own home.
Go ahead, you’ve earned it, indulge yourself in the luxury of a new Home Theater System.

Custom Music & Control Systems

Use your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, or Keypad, and with a simply command, watch your Home and even your Business, respond with your favorite Music, or Raise the Blinds, Change the Temperature, adjust the Lighting, access your Security & Camera System, and so much more.


Easy, beautiful. Life is good.

Commercial Audio & Video

From Restaurants, Offices, Bars, Clubs and more, we can Design and Integrate Background Music, Video, PA Systems, Camera Systems, Network, Stage Systems, TV Monitors, Digital Signage and More.

Camera & Surveillance

From systems that can follow an intruder to systems that can read a license plate, to systems that are hidden or discreet and everything in between, we are well trained in Surveillance Systems.

Audio & Video

From the exquisite Dolby Atmos spatial enhancement and more, our technicians are formally trained to bring your Movie watching experience to a new level of enjoyment. Experience a Synergy of Audio & Video like you’ve never before. We look forward to exceeding your every expectation.

Music & Control Systems

Our technicians are formally trained in Music Systems and Automation Controls for Lighting, Blinds, Security, Temperature and so much more. With formal training in Acoustics and Music engineering, will design a system that is not only cost effective, but will exceed your expectations in Aesthetics, Reliability, Ease of use, and Performance.

Camera & Surveillance Systems

We are well-trained in all aspects of Home & Business Camera systems and take care of every detail to create a high-definition turn-key solution based on your needs. Our robust technology solutions allow you to view your Cameras from nearly any device, anywhere.

Not sure where to start? Book a free consultation now brings over 40-years of professional experience and expertise to provide you with robust, high performance, and cost effective solutions for all your Residential or Commercial needs. We strive to exceed your expectations. Our solutions bring a new level of enjoyment to your home, and a new level of production to your business.

This multi-faced formal training and level of expertise has been our focus from the beginning.

Design & Installation

Our experts can turn your vision into a reality. With decades of design and installation experience, we understand that it all begins with a design based on your specific needs. We’re here to make that idea a reality.

Full System Experts

Many systems now integrate with each other so it is extremely critical to know and understand how these work together. We do. We are formally trained in Audio, Video, Camera, Network, Control and more.

Honest, Factual Design & Estimates

We will never design a system based on how high we can get the invoice. Our systems are designed based solely on solving the need, at the highest performance and longevity with the best value vs cost ratio.
Our Product Lines

2018 Toys for Tots at Pacific Raceways

The annual Marine Toys for Tots event at Pacific Raceways was a great success and all of us at were proud and honored to have participated with bringing toys and offering assistance with the Audio. Santa Claus came out to say hello and, as always, was...

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Home Theater Design

A Home Theater System is so much more than the components. A good Home Theater System can be summed up with one word: Accuracy.

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PR Raceway Audio/Video Project

PR Raceway Audio/Video Project Well now, this is one fun site to work on. Being Race fans, and participants, ourselves, it is only difficult to leave this site. PR Raceway, a nationally recognized arena located in Kent WA, hosts a number of events from a...

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