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Home Theater/Media Rooms

The future is truly here and it is exquisite. From 4K Ultra High Definition Video to the amazing Dolby Atmos Sound processing, we can make your dream theater come to life.

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Custom Music & Control Systems

Push one button on your custom keyboard and watch the system go to work as the lights dim, the temperature is set, the blinds close, and your favorite music begins to play. Pick up your phone and select your playlist, and set the volume. Easy, beautiful. Life is good.

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Commercial Audio & Video

From Restaurants, Offices, Bars, Clubs and more. We can design and integrate for Background Music, Stage Systems, TV Monitors, Digital Signage and More.

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Camera & Surveillance

From systems that can follow an intruder to systems that can read a license plate, to systems that are hidden or discreet and everything in between, we are well trained in Surveillance Systems.

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Turn-Key Solutions From MyAudioVideo.com

Our Lead Designer has over 40-years of Professional Experience

Theater Audio & Video

From the exquisite Dolby Atmos spatial enhancement and more, our technicians are trained to give your rooms the maximized audio and visual experience. Experience sound like you’ve never before with surround sound systems. We’re here to exceed your expectations in bringing your dreams to life.

Music & Control Systems

Our technicians are formally trained in Automation Controls as well as creating an exquisite music system. With formal training in Acoustics and Music training, MyAudioVideo.com will design a system that is not only cost effective, but will exceed your expectations.

Camera & Surveillance Systems

Get a peace of mind with our Camera & Surveillance systems. We are well-trained in Camera systems and take care of every detail to create a high-definition turn-key solution based on your needs. Our robust technology solutions allow you to view your cameras via any device from anywhere.

New Construction & Remodel

While we’re big fans of the “wireless” technology, we’re bigger fans of running a wire. Take your homes to the next level with custom wiring to any piece of electronic equipment, ensuring maximum performance and longevity. We are well versed and trained in wiring topology and design.

Why We're The Perfect Choice

With formal training and over 40 years of professional experience, our solutions bring a new level of enjoyment to your home and productivity to your business.

MyAudioVideo.com brings over 40-years of professional experience and expertise to provide you with robust, high performance, and cost effective solutions for all your Residential or Commercial needs. We strive to exceed your expectations. Our solutions bring a new level of enjoyment to your home, and a new level of production to your business.

This multi-faced formal training and level of expertise has been our focus from the beginning.

Design & Installation

Our experts can turn your vision into a reality. With decades of design and installation experience, we understand that it all begins with a design based on your specific needs. We’re here to make that idea a reality.

Full System Experts

Many systems now integrate with each other so it is extremely critical to know and understand how these work together. We do. We are formally trained in Audio, Video, Camera, Network, Control and more.

Honest, Factual Design & Estimates

We will never design a system based on how high we can get the invoice. Our systems are designed based solely on solving the need, at the highest performance and longevity with the best value vs cost ratio.

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